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Helping your business find added value
through food intolerance testing

Nutritional Therapists

Getting the right nutritional and dietary advice is of paramount importance to your clients' health and well being.  Clients visit nutritional therapists for a variety of symptoms ranging from skin complaints, weight loss issues, low mood, digestive problems, bloating, IBS and fatigue.  Dealing with such a wide variety of complaints can be tricky and time consuming.  Eliminating any food intolerances† is the first stage in helping them to become fit and healthy individuals

Lorisian food intolerance tests use a simple finger prick system that is easy to use, the sample can be taken anywhere – at your office or your client can do the test at home.

The clear colour coded test results and support pack are delivered back to you so that you can provide nutritional support and advice based on the results and explain in detail your employees food intolerances.  You can help your client onto a fast track elimination diet that can optimise health and well being.

Contact Information:

Lorisian provides an account management service for our partners, providing highly responsive expert support and advice by phone or email.  Please get in contact to receive more information.

UK: +44(0)1904 428 550

†Food intolerance is a condition with a range of symptoms including gut symptoms, bloating, headaches, migraines, low mood, fatigue, weight gain and skin problems. These symptoms must always be checked out by a Medical Professional. If you have clients that have seen a Medical Professional but have not been given a diagnosis for their symptoms then they may be suffering from food intolerance

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