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Helping your business find added value
through food intolerance testing

Lorisian Food Intolerance Training Programme

Would you like to learn more about food intolerance, how it affects the body, and in turn how it can affect performance when training?

Would you like to be able to:

  • Articulate and understand what food intolerance is
  • Describe the typical symptoms of food intolerance, and understand how it affects the body
  • Understand and articulate the difference between food allergy and food intolerance
  • Have a basic understanding of the laboratory testing process
  • Explain the benefit of establishing an individual’s food  intolerances before they embark on a training programme, including dietary advice and nutrition
  • Understand the types of product which could help your clients optimise their performance
  • Understand and be confident in the consultation process, including the delivery of results
  • Understand the key ways in which the service would benefit your business
  • Understand the ways in which the provision of this service would help you to add value to the service you offer your clients

Interested in becoming an approved Lorisian practitioner?

To access the introductory training video, below, or to discuss Lorisian with our account management team, please call us on +44(0)1904 428 550

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