All great businesses put their customers at the heart of what they do. They listen and take action to make sure their offering delivers an experience that’s worth sharing! Here are a few ways you can get to know your customers and make sure you’re close to their needs.

Getting to know your customer starts before you make a sale!

Pre-qualify your leads against a consistent qualification framework that helps you understand their needs and challenges, this will:

a) Make sure they match your sweet spot customer profile.

b) Help you identify any opportunities for expanding your products and services to offer an even better experience.

Think about running a survey

Once you have a good customer base, running an annual survey is a great way to understand if your products and services are meeting their expectations, enabling you to make changes accordingly.

If done well, your survey can also help shape your future offering before you make any upfront investment. For example, you can ask them if they’d be interested in some of the new products and services you’re thinking of bringing to market.

There are a number of free and cheap online survey tools that you can use, such as Survey Monkey and Zoho.

Stay in touch with your customers

Regular customer calls or meetings will allow you to stay close to market trends and changing expectations. They will also allow you to identify those who would be prepared to do a case study for you, allowing you to build your reputation and brand!

Tip: Get a broader set of market intelligence about which products to launch by:

Asking your friends and family; Doing an online Twitter poll (you could extend its reach through paid advertising); Asking a question to your social media network; Running consumer focus group using a 3rd party provider

To learn more, watch this short video from Josh, and download our e-book – 7 dynamite tips for growing your client base.