In the health industry, recommendations are everything. For most practitioners, encouraging word of mouth referrals is the easiest way to grow their client base.

Are you doing everything you can to increase referrals? Here are four ways you can pick up more referred business and bring on board more clients.

Start a referral scheme

Referral schemes are a great way of capturing that buzz someone has after a consultation. At that moment they are most likely to feel at the peak of satisfaction with your service and want to tell everyone what a difference you have made. A referral offer could be:

  • A simple 15 min phone consultation for friends and family of your client. Making sure to only focus on one symptom and be strict on time.
  • Money off the referred client’s first consultation with you.
  • Exclusive bonus services on top of what you would usually offer new clients.Offer gift vouchers

Offer gift vouchers

Following a final session with a client why not offer vouchers to your client which they can then gift to a friend or family member as a birthday or Christmas present. This voucher could perhaps offer a free consultation. This is a fantastic way of offering additional added value to a client whilst bringing in new business. The trick here is to make sure the free session is beneficial whilst creating a need for a further paid session, additional service or follow up.

Get back in touch

Reconnect with old clients. If you haven’t heard from a client for some time why not try getting in touch? Some good talking points are:

  • How they are feeling now? Did they fully overcome their issues or have they had a relapse?
  • See if there is anything you can help them with now. This might lead to them re-booking with you. Alternatively there might be something you could help with without it costing you much time. This will leave the client feeling well looked after.
  • Let them know, as a previous client, they can claim a discount for friends and family they refer. ‘Refer a friend or family member and I’ll give them a free telephone consultation to help them, like I helped you.’

Case studies

The internet is awash with before and after photos related to a wide range of products and services and for good reason. These are still a very powerful sales tools. People always look to real results from real people.

Asking existing clients who have seen great results with you to write a very short review or dictate one to you over the phone will give new clients that much more reassurance when they see it on a website or flyer. If a photo can be put to the words, that’s even better and a video snippet is even stronger. Just make sure you also get the rights to use it.

These have such a strong influence on new clients they are even worth incentivising either with money back, money off for friend and family or free products. They will be well worth the cost.

The more people you see, the more your business grows. The more lives you can change, the healthier everyone gets. I hope the above has been helpful for you. Please let me know what you think to this list by emailing

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