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Our Partners

The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT)

The British Association for Applied Nutrition and Nutritional Therapy (BANT) is the professional body for registered nutritional therapists.

Its primary function is to assist its members in attaining the highest standards of integrity, knowledge, competence and professional practice in order to protect the client's interests, nutritional therapy and the registered nutritional therapist.

BANT offers a wide range of benefits to student and full members and has its finger on the pulse for any changes or new developments within this dynamic profession. Registered nutritional therapists are recognised by the Professional Standards Authority (PSA) in their ability to make a difference by working together with healthcare providers as part of multidisciplinary teams under NHS commissioning.

Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH)

Association of Registered Colon Hydrotherapists (ARCH) is the UK's largest and longest running professional association for colon hydrotherapists and has been leading the industry for thirty years.

By choosing an ARCH registered therapist, clients can rest assured of the highest standards of practice, safety and hygiene, backed by approved training and continued professional development.

The Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA)

The Naturopathic Nutrition Association (NNA) is the professional association for nutritional therapists who practise in accordance with naturopathic principles.

Our role is to support naturopathic nutrition in order to protect the safety and well-being of the public, and to provide the public with a register of professionally trained, capable and insured naturopathic nutritional therapists and nutritional therapists.

We strive to maintain the highest possible educational and professional standards and have developed core elements to set minimum training standards.

International Association and Register of Integrative Colon Therapists and Trainers (RICTAT)

RICTAT is the fastest growing international UK-based organisation of colon hydrotherapy practitioners and trainers.

All RICTAT members are committed to providing an excellent service to clients.

RICTAT strives to ensure all its members meet their hygiene standards, which are the highest in the UK.

As an organistaion, the RICTAT motto is 'Salus aegroti suprema lex.' This is one of the crucial concepts of medical ethics, which means in Latin 'patient's health rules supreme.' For example, the practitioner should always act in the best interest of the patient.