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7 tips for growing your business: Digital Channels

Digital marketing can seem like a dark art and feel particularly daunting for small business owners, but it doesn’t have to. Start by putting yourself in the shoes of your customers, and if you can, ask them directly how they like to consume information (e.g. blogs, videos, e-books), which channels they prefer to use (e.g. email, social, SMS) and how they find things online (e.g. search engines, social media or direct to known websites). Taking this step will help make sure you shape a digital strategy that will give you the best return for your effort and spend.

As you will most likely be driving people to your website, it’s important to have clear call to actions to convert your traffic into leads/opportunities. For example, have your phone number, email address and ‘contact us’ form nice and visible. You can then ‘weave’ other call to actions (e.g. e-book/white paper downloads, webinar registrations and newsletter sign ups) into your inner pages and content.

If you don’t have a big following on social, rank well in search engines, have a large opted-in database, or high volume of website traffic you’re going to need to turn to paid channels in the short term. Paid search is a good place to start because you can tap into high intent search terms, but paid social can be a great way to start building and educating your target audience over the medium term too. Start small and build up as you learn what search terms and content topics drive the best quality traffic and engagement. 

Once you have this base in place, you can then start looking at more advanced re-targeting and nurturing channels like Google Display Network, Outbrain and Taboola to strengthen your digital strategy.

A final point – the channels you use are only as effective as your message and product. Offer value added products and services like no other, then spell it out in a simple and clear way

To learn more, watch this short video from Alex, and download our e-book – 7 dynamite tips for growing your client base.

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