Cathy McGuire

Suffered prolonged digestive problems

Cathy McGuire, 36 from Ireland, took a Lorisian food intolerance test after suffering prolonged digestive problems. The constipation, wind and bloating she was experiencing were all classic symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Her condition was so severe that she frequently had to visit the hospital. The tests she underwent could not reveal the root cause of the problem and the medication she was prescribed only made her feel worse. Not only were her symptoms uncomfortable and at times painful, they also caused her great embarrassment.

“When I say I was “bloated” it doesn’t really do justice to my symptoms. I was carrying so much fluid that I felt constantly swollen. I was asked on a regular basis if I was pregnant and when was I due.

"It was terribly upsetting and humiliating and to add to the problem my weight started going up even though I had never had a problem with my weight in the past.“

As a result of the unwanted weight gain Cathy was experiencing, her confidence began to plummet.

“I felt very down and depressed and suffered from low esteem so for two years. I didn’t go out and couldn’t socialise. I hated looking in the mirror and I had a very poor image of myself."

After struggling with the combination of her weight gain, poor health and the negative impact on her mood, Cathy decided to try a different route to discover the cause of her problems.

“One day my mum suggested that I take a food intolerance test to see if that could help with my symptoms. I decided to give it a go as I hadn’t had any luck through doctors and the hospital.“

When she received her results, Cathy learnt she was reacting to egg white, egg yolk and, surprisingly, peas.

“I immediately took eggs out of my diet by replacing them with porridge for breakfast and the affect was almost immediate.

“With my new increased energy levels I am able to go to the gym more and my weight has come down from 10 stone 2 pounds to 7 stone 11 pounds in 7 months. My depression has totally lifted and my whole attitude to food and life has changed. I am delighted to see my body changing and my new shape.“

Armed with the knowledge of her food intolerances, Cathy has continued to see long term improvements to her health since she took the test.

"One year later I am pleased to say I am feeling fantastic. I have managed to stay the same size and have not gained any weight. I feel energetic and my confidence is continuing to grow every day!"