Corinne Humphreys

Improving sports performance

GB Track and Field star, Corinne Humphreys, took a Lorisian 200plus test to address the abdominal cramps and flatulence, which were affecting her training performance.

The 26-year-old sprinter had suffered with her symptoms for six years but did not let them stop her achieving her athletics goals. An elite one hundred metre runner, Corinne came 4th at the 2017 Summer Universiade and followed this up with a Semi Final appearance in the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Despite her success, Corinne was looking for ways to push for marginal gains in her performance and suspected a closer look at her diet could help her. That’s when she discovered Lorisian’s food intolerance† testing.

“I felt constantly bloated and uncomfortable, particularly during morning training sessions,” Corinne explained. “I wanted to see if there were any benefits within my sports performance that could be gained through avoiding the symptoms I was experiencing, to allow for maximal training.”

Previously she had tried cutting out the amount of food she was consuming before training but this did not have the desired effect. Lorisian’s approach was much more scientific. With a simple finger-prick test, they analysed the food-specific IgG antibodies to over 200 different food and drink ingredients in Corinne’s blood.

The results of the test revealed that Corinne was reacting to a range of ingredients including Sheep’s milk, sunflower seeds and yeast. The next step was to book her consultation with a Lorisian nutritional therapist.

“I had my consultation with Ali and she was brilliant! I was notified of common foods that are consumed in the everyday, which contained the ingredients I was intolerant to and given ideas for delicious alternatives.”

Despite finding her new diet difficult to adapt to, Corrine continued to follow it and was soon reaping the rewards from her persistence.

Just two weeks after following Ali’s guidance and removing her trigger foods, Corrine began to see the improvements in her symptoms.

“The bloating in my stomach reduced, the flatulence reduced and I now feel more able to exert myself in training. I am less self-conscious and worried about passing gas during training, which has led me to feel more confident.”

Corinne “loves” the alternative foods in her new diet, which has left her feeling “light, free and dynamic”. If she eats her trigger foods, she quickly feels the need to go to the toilet or becomes “riddled with trapped wind”. She therefore continues to steer clear of them.

“I have a physical feeling of renewal,” Corinne concludes. “And feel as though I can reach new physical heights in my sports performance.”

Corinne took a Lorisian 200plus test with nutritional support.