Mike Shaw

Digestive problems and discomfort

For five years, Mike Shaw put up with digestive problems and discomfort after eating, which not only took away the pleasure of eating, but also affected his sporting performance.

Mike realised he had to take action as he couldn’t manage his symptoms. “I often lacked energy while competing,” explains National League Hockey Player Mike, who also competed in the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

He was also always hungry during training, which resulted in fatigue. “I felt tired all the time, which is not beneficial to sporting performance,” he explains.

“I did consider a consultation with a nutritionist and seeing my GP, but then just accepted my digestive discomfort as the norm.”

He attempted to change his eating habits to ease his symptoms, including eating lighter snacks and
avoiding heavy meals that made him feel sluggish, but the symptoms persisted.

Just before Christmas last year, he decided to try a Lorisian food intolerance test after hearing about it through a friend. He found the testing process very straightforward and his results easy to interpret.

He discovered he was intolerant to cow’s milk, yeast and shellfish, and following a nutritional
consultation, received useful advice on healthy alternatives to incorporate into his mealtimes.

Since eliminating his problem foods, Mike has not looked back and has noticed a major change. “I have no symptoms now and my nutritional knowledge has improved,” he says.