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Case Studies

Corrine Humphreys, 26, GB Athlete

GB Track and Field star, Corinne Humphreys, took a Lorisian 200plus test to address the abdominal cramps and flatulence, which were affecting her training performance.

David Brown, 39, Company Director

For years David struggled with lethargy, forgetfulness, anxiety and depression. He discovered he has an intolerance to egg white and egg yolk. Since eliminating them from his diet, his symptoms have disappeared

Rob Vickerman, England Rugby 7s

Throughout his career as a professional athlete Rob always understood the importance of self-awareness, staying focussed and dedicated to his training to maintain his performance.

Katie Caunt, 26

Before deciding to take a deeper look at her diet with a Lorisian Food Intolerance test, Katie had been suffering with severe digestive discomfort, the symptoms of which had been effecting her since her late teens.

Mike Shaw, National League Hockey player

For five years, Mike Shaw put up with digestive problems and discomfort after eating, which not only took away the pleasure of eating, but also affected his sporting performance

Victoria Williamson, GB Cyclist

The Great Britain cyclist is finally getting back on track with her cycling career after she was nearly paralysed from the neck down following a race
collision in 2016.

Cathy McGuire, 36

Cathy took a Lorisian food intolerance test after suffering prolonged digestive problems. The constipation, wind and bloating she was experiencing were all classic symptoms of Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

Matt Perry, 40, Personal Trainer

Matt Perry was looking to lose weight and improve his energy levels when he took a Lorisian food intolerance test. He was also having trouble sleeping which was affecting his ability to
focus on everyday tasks.

Jessica Readman

Jessica’s symptoms had been quite bad for the last six months and the heartburn in particular prevented her from eating properly and made her feel very uncomfortable. As a result, Jessica felt unable to socialise and exercise.

Tracey Janes

Before taking a Lorisian Test, Tracey had a range of symptoms that affected her daily, including bloating, weight gain and lack of energy.

Dani Rowlinson. 19

Aware that wheat can cause bloating and digestive upsets, Dani cut it out of her diet, but the symptoms did not disappear. Dani wondered if there were any other foods she should be avoiding.

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