My name is Katrina Seaton. My day-to-day duties involve managing the Laboratory, Fulfilment and Quality Assurance departments at Lorisian. I am a HCPC registered Biomedical Scientist and a member of the Royal Society of Chemistry and I joined the company in early 2018,.

Upon appointment to my role, the relocation of the business to our new site in Huntington, York was imminent and came with many new advancements in our laboratory. The new purpose built laboratory is fitted with designated testing areas, improving workflow across all areas of testing. Additionally, an in-house walk in cold store has enhanced throughput from the manufacturing team. The laboratory is equipped with an ELISA plate manufacturing machine, ultra-pure water generator, High Performance Liquid Chromatography (HPLC) instrument and two full testing run machines.

As part of the company’s commitment to continuous improvement and delivery of quality products, the equipment in the laboratory has seen large investment.  New analytical balances, pH meters, UV spectroscopy readers, incubators and a water purification machine have been procured, which ensures the high standards of quality control are maintained. The most existing purchase for 2019 is the selection of a new, state of the art production instrument that will increase ELISA plate production by 100%.

The laboratory are responsible for Quality Control of the products. Working with Quality Assurance policies, all products are manufactured, tested and reported to straight quality requirements. The company has been certified to ISO13485:2016 which ensures that the international standards for our products are maintained as well as GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) recommendations. The laboratory also performs additional QC checks on all samples and the corresponding results. Performance monitoring of the instruments and ancillary systems is conducted daily and weekly, and all equipment is maintained to the highest standard.