Earlier this summer, we introduced you to four members of our team who were looking to take their sports training to the next level by trialling the myDNA testing service.

Lorisian have introduced myDNA tests to our range of services in the UK and Ireland. This personalised fitness report offers an insight into the body’s ideal way to exercise based on genetic makeup.

How does the test work?

Our four sporty volunteers were asked to take a simple mouth swab and post this to the myDNA laboratory. The DNA on this swab was then analysed, with seven different types of genes assessed. These included:

ACTN3 – Muscle power

AGT – Muscle strength

AMPD1 – Muscle energy

PPARGC1A – Endurance

COL5A1 – Injury risk and flexibility

COL1A1 – Injury risk

IL6 – Recovery time

Within 10-15 days, the results were back. The team received an email with a link to the myDNA portal, printed off their unique genetic findings and studied their personalised fitness recommendations.

The end goal? To use this information to push for further gains and take their training to an even higher level.

How did the team get on? What were the key findings of your MyDNA test?

Josh: After receiving my results I have found out that I am an all-rounder being able to cope with both endurance and power based activities. I also had a high level of recovery and a lower risk of injury. Getting these results and having the knowledge of this allowed me to push myself more through guided reps, sets and exercise plans.

What impressed you/surprised you about the results?

Iain: I was surprised to see that my recovery time is so slow and that injury risk is high, although you can’t really jump into someone else’s body to experience what a shorter recovery time would feel like. I therefore don’t have a point of reference for this. It did note specifically that my supply of collagen 5 is not ideal, in turn leading to stiffer tendons and reduced ligament strength. Historic injuries and niggles have always been due to poor ligament and tendon health so I did find this interesting.

Did you find the report easy to understand?

Josh: The results were very simple to interpret with simple graphics on a scale. myDNA also offer a more detailed analysis of the genes and my association with the general population.

Alex: It was very easy to understand. The imagery of it makes it very clear at a glance and there’s plenty of text there as well to explain your results in more depth.

How have you adapted your training in response to your myDNA report?

Jane: I am attempting to perform more leg stretches after exercising and have started rolling stretches as per the recommendations. I didn’t used to have rest days but the plan states to have 2 per week plus one recovery day.

Alex: My results highlighted a greater injury risk so I’ve become a little more cautious of making sure I warm up properly. If I’m going to do a speed workout, I’ll take more time to do a few more drills instead of doing a light run and going straight into it. That way I can make sure the movement and bio-mechanics are firing.

How will you use this insight to help you reach your fitness goals?

Josh:  When I received my 12 week personal training plan I actually uploading this into an app called ‘Strong’ to allow me to take my phone to the gym and perform the exercises I needed to. Rather than using isolation sessions or push pull exercises I now concentrate on whole body exercises to prevent the loss in strength over time, so it was amazing to feel the burn. Over the last couple of months I actually went from 83kg to 81kg so weight loss and reduced body fat has been a result of this trial.

How myDNA can serve your clients

Are your clients interested in gaining a better insight into the way their body is built? Do they want to push for increased marginal gains to help them reach their sporting and fitness goals?

Not only can we give your clients an insight into their personal trigger foods, we can also now reveal how their genetic makeup impacts on their exercise regimes.

Call the friendly Lorisian team today on +44(0)1904 428550 to find out how myDNA can be bolted onto our food intolerance testing services.

Alternatively, please email info@lorisian.com for more information.