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Lorisian has over 35 years’ experience, specialising in Gold standard laboratory tests that measure food triggers (food-specific IgG antibodies).

Our results offer a fast track or starting point for an elimination diet. The tests are aimed at those that may have food intolerances,† to alleviate any symptoms, and those who want to optimise their diets by avoiding any foods that they are reacting to.

Our aim is to promote wellbeing within the pressures of a modern lifestyle. We work with practitioners, sports and fitness professionals and also provide corporate health and wellbeing programmes.

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† Lorisian define Food Intolerance as a food-specific IgG reaction. Our information is intended to provide nutritional advice for dietary optimisation. Lorisian do not claim to treat or cure symptoms and recommend that you discuss any medical concerns you have with a GP before undertaking a Lorisian programme.

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