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A healthy workforce is a happy and more productive workforce. Optimising your staff’s health and wellbeing, reduces not only the number of absenteeism days but will make them more productive when they are at work. The symptoms of food intolerance can be debilitating and may mean that many people need time off work to cope or struggle to concentrate and stay focussed whilst at work.

Finding out if your staff have food intolerances, is one of the ways to eliminate a wide range of persistent symptoms and offer advice and ongoing support. Our corporate plan can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

Lorisian food intolerance tests use a simple finger prick system that is easy to use, the sample can be taken anywhere – at the office or at your employee’s home. The clear colour coded test results and support pack can be delivered back to the HR department or directly to the employee. Nutritional support and advice is available to explain in detail your employees food intolerances. This allows them to fully understand the recommended dietary and nutritional changes – a way to build a healthy workforce – leading to a fast track elimination diet that can optimise health and well being.

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Employee well-being is increasingly becoming an important focus for corporate organisations.

Employees are our culture, our brand and without them operating at their best, no business will hit its potential.

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